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Surrounding tourism

  • Odekake spot

    • Suwakyo Gorge

      A gorge which the clear flow of Minakami created. There is also a promenade and it is fun to visit the beauty of nature and to explore the surrounding attractions (Seiryu Park, Sasabue Bridge, Suwakyo Bridge, Ryugase, Tamasudare Fall etc.).

      About 5.5 km from the hotel
    • Tanigawadake Ropeway, Mt Tanigawa

      Four seasons of beautiful Tanigawadake Ropeway to arrive at the fastest 7 minutes to Tenjindaira overlooking the Mt Tanigawa
      You can also enjoy Mt Tanigawa in mid-winter because it runs even in winter.
      If you change from Tenjindaira to a lift and climb up to Tenjin Pass, a large panorama will spread under you.

      ※If you show your statement at the ticket office at the time of your stay,
       The ticket price will be discounted.
    • Ichinokurasawa

      It is a scenic spot where you can enjoy a beautiful valley throughout the four seasons, such as the snow rain which does not disappear even in summer and glittering autumn leaves in one of Three major Japanese Quay Wall. Sawa 's flow is very cold and pure when soaked even in summer.

      Approximately 14.5 km from the hotel
    • Tenichi Art Museum

      Tenichi Art Museum Painters representing the modern art, Ryusei Kishida, Ryuzaburo Umehara, Picasso and Matisse are also exhibited, and it is also popular for visitors who walk for about 10 minutes on foot from the hotel.

      Approximately 300 m from the hotel
    • Road Station Mizukiko-kan

      A Mizukikoukan on the theme of ecology and climbing of fish living in Tone River. You can watch the ecology of fish and experience climbing with climbing wall with tunnel type aquarium and magic vision etc.

      About 5.2 km from the hotel
    • Tomioka Silk Mill

      Registered as 'World Cultural Heritage' June 2014. It is a historical cultural property largely attributable to technological innovation of silk heritage. The reeling mills, cocoon warehouses, etc. at the time of opening were present.

      About 1:20 by car from the hotel (Minakami IC to Tomioka IC ride)
    • Ozegahara

      It is a wetland designated as a national park and has been selected as Japan 100 scenic views of Japan 100 scenic views. You can observe valuable plant unique such as Mizubashi, Sphagnum and Nikko Kisge.

      About 1:30 by car from the hotel to Hatomachi Pass (entrance to Oze)
  • Information on reasonable bus tickets

    • ●Tanigawadake Ropeway set ticket

      ※ Minakami Station·Jomo-Kogen Station ※
      <, Round-trip bus fare from the station + Tanigawadake Ropeway round trip fare,>
      1.(Minakami, station)3,140 yen/adult, 1,570 yen/child (Adult 510 yen deal)
      2.(Jomo-Kogen Station)3,950 yen/adult, 1,980 yen/child (Adults 710 yen deal)
      ※Bus ticket sales have ended.
    • ●Takaragawa Onsen Combine Ticket

      ※ Minakami Station·Jomo-Kogen Station ※
      <, Return bus fare from the station + Hakugawa Onsen Hanzen Cabinet return home hot spring fee,>
      1.(Minakami, station) 3,500 yen/adult, 2,000 yen/child (Adults 1,100 yen deal)
      2.(Jomo-Kogen Station) 4,500 yen/adult, 2,500 yen/child (Adults 1,340 yen deal)
      ※It is revised to the above rate from April 1, 2019.
    • ●Minakami Onsen Village cho tour around 2 days free ticket

      <, Sarugakyo Line·Minakami Line, Free entrance, >
      3,150 yen/adult, 1,580 yen/child

      <, Sarugakyo Line·Minakami Line, Free entrance, >
      ※ Foreign tourists only ※
      2,100 yen/adult, 1,050 yen/child

      3 days pass for both Sarugakyo line and Minakami line
      For tourists from foreign countries only
      Adult 2,000 yen Child 1,000 yen