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Hot Springs

Quality spring fountain certified as hot spring heritage

This facility owns four sources, and all bathtubs sprinkle 100%.
You can enjoy high-quality spring quality certified as a hot spring heritage.

A natural hot spring is not a certain temperature like a non-hot spring,
Even within one day there is a temperature difference of about 1 to 5 degrees.

The four sources of this facility also have different hot water temperatures,
Although it is difficult to always maintain proper temperature in all the bathtubs,
By delicately adjusting the amount of source without adding water or non-hot spring
We are taking care of exquisite hot water.

Four quiet baths

  • A mixed bathing outdoor bath on the banks of the Tanigawa "Seseragi no yu"

    A mixed bathing outdoor bath on the banks of the Tanigawa "Seseragi no yu"
    Cherry blossoms in the spring, summer full of green, autumn of vivid colorful autumn leaves, winter with snowy scenery like ink painting····
    Please immerse yourself in Tanigawa Onsen and enjoy the rich nature of Tanigawa Onsen.

    ※From 7:00 to 10:00 will be for women only.
    ※It can not be used for cleaning from 10:00 to 14:00.
    ※Charges can be used from 0:00 to 5:00.
  • Outdoor bath with large public bath

    An open-air bath attached to the inner bath for women and men.
    Feel the wind crossing the trees, enjoy the bathing with BGM for Seino sound of Tanigawa, Chirp bird chirping.

    ※It can not be used for cleaning from 10:00 to 14:00.
  • Large Communal Bath

    Bathroom for women, Yakushi-no-yu
    Men's public bath, Monju no Yu
    There are two bathtubs in each public bath.
    It is a bathhouse of trees with warmth and a bath of Sambaseki Gunma prefecture.
    Various nature's appear in the open windows every season of Tanigawa Onsen.

    ※It can not be used for cleaning from 10:00 to 14:00.
  • Private bath "Sakuya Hime no yu"

    Although we are doing it snugly, please enjoy the onsen with a relaxing run without any doubt.

    ※You can use it whenever you are free.
    ※It can not be used for cleaning from 11:00 to 14:00
  • Drinking fountains

    There is a drinking place in this facility, and hot springs can be drunk.
    It is said to be effective for chronic gastrointestinal diseases and constipation.

    ※If you bring a container, delicious water of hot springs and Tanigawa can be brought home for free.
     We also offer a takeout poly tank at a fee.

Hotspring Information

Hot Springs

Tanigawa Onsen(Immovable hot water·Unhappy hot water·Eternal fountain·Okutanagawa no yu) Natural hot spring 100%, Free flowing Hot Springs directly from the source

Hot Spring Qualities·Efficacy

Hot Spring Qualities: Weak alkaline simple fountain
Efficacy: Neuralgia, rheumatism, gastroenterology, coldness, beautiful skin effect, etc.

Open Air Bath

There (Man·woman·mixed bathing)

Private Bath

There (Free)

Number of baths

"Outdoor bath] Man: 1 Female: 1 mixed bath: 1
[Inner bath] Man: 2 women: 2 Mixed Bath: 0
[sauna] Man: 0 female: 0 mixed bathing: 0

Bath Terms of Use

Bath except 10 o'clock to 14 o'clock