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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please tell me the quality and efficacy of hot springs.

    Hot Spring Qualities: Weak alkaline simple fountain
    Efficacy: Neuralgia, rheumatism, gastroenterology, coldness, beautiful skin effect, etc.Continue reading
  • Please tell me the place of meal.

    Basically we will prepare in the restaurant of the chair seat.
  • Please tell me the time of check-in and check-out.

    Check in is at 14:00 and check out is at 11:00.
    plan it may change depending on the plan, please check.
    If the check in time is past 17:00Continue reading
  • Can I check in before 14:00?

    We will wait in the lobby and will guide you as soon as it is ready before 14:00.
  • Can I extend checkout time?

    It depends on the situation of the day, but I will accept it if it is not very crowded day.
    After 11:00, it is 3,000 yen (tax-excluded) perContinue reading
  • Can you keep my luggage?

    It will be stored at the front desk. If you send it by courier in advance,
    Please enter the date of your stay and the name of your reservatiContinue reading
  • Please tell me your child fee.

    Elementary school-aged children/70% of adult fee
    Infants(Meal / futon)/50% of adult fee
    Infant (meal only) / 40% of adult fare
    Toddler (futoContinue reading
  • What is the cancellation fee?

    The cancellation fee will be charged as follows.
    No-show/Non-delivery:100% of room rate
    On the day of arrival:100% of room rate
    The day befoContinue reading
  • Do you have rooms with internet access?

    Wi-Fi is available free of charge in all rooms.
  • What is the radio wave condition of mobile phones?

    DoCoMo and au are all models. SoftBank enters only 4G.
  • I use it on an anniversary, but ...

    I am very thankful that you can use our hotel on the anniversary.
    Please tell us in advance what memorial.
    While celebrating, I will celebContinue reading
  • Can I use it with pets?

    I am sorry. Pets are not allowed in this facility.
    If you leave it in the car, there is a covered parking lot so please tell in advance.


If you have any urgent matters, please call us.