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Enjoy the taste of the season

  • Menu for this month

    ※Menu is subject to change due to purchase reasons. Humbly, please understand.
  • Dinner (Monthly alternative kaiseki cuisine)

  • One breakfast

  • Dining

    There is also a hall of 123 square meters (accommodating about 50 people).
  • A sake brewery

    Including rice wine from Gunma prefecture and Niigata prefecture, meals such as wine and champagne are more fun and delicious
    We serve liquor to eat.
  • Hifumi Izuka

    It does not suit your face (?) It is a board length to make delicate dishes.
    Menu that changes every month, we carefully assemble the feeling of the season around the local seasonal ingredients.

    We use not only ingredients but also condiments such as ground miso, natural salt, aged soy sauce of long-established store of Gunma. While complaining about impossible hardships of women, they always respond.

    (I am making handmade sweets though "I am not a pastry chef")