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Campaign information

  • 【About the 5th Aigo Gunma Project】

    Accommodation period:From May 9th (Monday) to August 31st (Wednesday) for check-in
    Target users:Residents of Gunma prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Kanagawa prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Niigata prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture, Tochigi prefecture, Nagano prefecture

    ※The maximum discount is for up to 3 consecutive nights.
    ※Customers who have booked from July 15th to August 31st before July 14th can also apply for the campaign.
  • 【Confirmation / necessary items】

    【A】Please show all the guests, ID card and other information that shows the place of residence.
    【B】Please present one of the following (1) to (4).
    ① Gunma Vaccine Notebook
    ② National"New Corona Vaccination Certificate App"
    ③ Certificate of vaccination against the new coronavirus vaccine
    ※①②③ require that you have been vaccinated three times.
    ④ Notification of negative results of PCR test or antigen quantitative test
    ※The condition is that the sample is collected within 3 days before the accommodation start date.

    Please present both "A" and "B" at check-in.
  • ※For children under the age of 11, the entire family living with the accompanying family
    【A】【B】If you show both, you will be eligible for the discount.
    ※The campaign can be applied to all plan of the hotel. When making a reservation, please make a reservation using "local payment".
  • 【Cautions】
    ●This campaign is in Gunma prefecture, Ibaraki prefecture, Saitama prefecture, Kanagawa prefecture, Fukushima prefecture.
     For those who live in Chiba, Niigata, Yamanashi, Tochigi, and Nagano prefectures.
    ●When the campaign budget reaches the upper limit, it is over.
    ●This business may be suspended depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection and the resumption of the Go To Travel business.
    ●Please check the Official Website" for details of the campaign.